Fees and Policies


Students and parents are expected to attend weekly private lessons.  In addition, students and parents should practice together every day as well as listen to their Suzuki recording.  Parents are not required to learn to play the violin or viola but it is encouraged.


Cost per month September 2020 to May 2021.

  • 1 hour lesson: $240.00
  • 45 minute lesson $180.00
  • 30 minute lesson $120.00

Yearly Registration fee $20.00

***Registration fee will be waived for applications and first payment/post dated cheques received on or before August 10 2020.

Lessons will take place between September 8 2020 and June 5 2021.  The week of June 6-12 2021 will be reserved for make-up/unpaid lessons.  June 13-19 2021 will be reserved for any lessons the teacher misses throughout the year.

Post dated cheques must be provided by August 31 2020 for all subsequent terms.  Cheques may be mailed to or dropped of at 18 Hammond Rd. Brantford On. N3T 5L4.  E transfers will be accepted for payments of 3 months at a time or more.  Cheques will be cashed on the first of each month.  A 5% off discount will apply if you choose to pay for all 9 months at once.

Due to the uncertainties of COVID 19, lessons and group class may change from in person to virtual at any point throughout the year at the discretion of the teacher.  Students are always welcome to take their lessons and attend their group class virtually if that is preferred.

Group Class

Students are expected to attend weekly group class in addition to their private lessons.  Group class fees are included with the lesson fees.

Missed Lessons

There will be one unpaid lesson scheduled in June.  A student may miss one lesson per year and the unpaid lesson will substitute for make-up lessons.  If the student doesn’t miss any lessons, the additional lesson is given free of charge.  If a student misses more than one lesson per year, additional missed lessons will not be made up or refunded.

If the teacher cancels the lesson for any reason including illness the lesson will be made up or refunded.

Once a make-up lesson is scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled.  Make-up lessons must be made up during the current school year or following summer.  Make up lessons will not be held over to the next school year.

There will be no make up lessons or group classes for cancellations due to inclement weather.  Your teacher has no control over weather conditions and has to still pay rent whether or not lessons take place.  In cases of snow days, make sure to check with your teacher whether or not lessons have been cancelled as conditions often improve throughout the day.  If you feel it is unsafe to attend your lesson, please stay at home.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies for In Person Lessons and Group Classes


  • Even if lessons are being held in person, you may choose to attend your lesson or group class virtually
  • The option for in person lessons and group classes may change at the discretion of the teacher depending on public health recommendations
  • In person lessons and group classes will only take place in Brantford for the foreseeable future due to health and safety concerns
  • Masks must be worn in the facility
  • Families will use the front door of the facility and everyone will be screened and temperatures will be taken prior to entry
  • Only one parent can attend lessons and group class with their child. Siblings who are not taking lessons will not be permitted to attend lessons and group classes
  • If the student or parent is sick with a contagious disease (cold, flu, etc.) or has symptoms due to allergies, you must take your lesson virtually
  • Students will be asked to leave if they display any symptoms related to COVID-19 and that lesson will not be made up. Never give your child medication to bring down a fever and then bring them to their lesson or group class
  • Families must limit the amount of personal items brought into lessons to the bare minimum (instruments, music books, keys and phones)
  • Instrument cases should be left in the screening area of the facility.
  • Drinks and food will not be allowed in the facility
  • Bathrooms may be used but try to avoid doing so as this will create extra cleaning between lessons. Please make sure students use the washroom before coming to their lesson
  • Everything on the student’s side of the room will be disinfected between lessons. 10 minutes will be built in between lessons for cleaning and screening purposes