Suggested Reading

Nurtured by Love
Shinichi Suzuki

Through the examples from his own life and teaching, Suzuki establishes his case for early childhood education and the high potential of every human being—not just those seemingly gifted.


Ability Development from Age Zero
Shinichi Suzui

This sequel to Nurtured by Love features a quote by Dr. Suzuki that states “the fate of the child is in the hands of his parents.” With this book he shows how to create a warm environment which will encourage any child to become a happy, loving, and talented human being.


Teaching from the Balance Point
Edward Kreitman

A definitive resource for Suzuki Teachers and Parents, Teaching From the Balance Point draws on Suzuki Teacher and Teacher Trainer Edward Kreitman’s decades of experience teaching and working with the pioneers of the Suzuki Method in America.


Teaching with an Open Heart
Edward Kreitman

Teaching with an Open Heart will inform and inspire others who teach the violin. The truths he shares, however, go far beyond the instrument, mirroring the teachings of Dr. Suzuki, that we are educating for life through music.


Helping Parents Practice:  Ideas for making it easier
Edmund Sprunger

This book is a response to the most common concerns of parents who practice a musical instrument with their children: Why won’t my child listen to me when I give the exact same directions the teacher gave? How do I know if my son has the interest and discipline to continue? Should we switch to a different instrument?


Building Violin Skills
Edmund Sprunger

A thorough, comprehensive, and well-thought-out approach designed to give parents and children every possible advantage when it comes to learning to play the violin.